Team of the Year Award 

Team working is core to HDR UK’s mission. This award celebrates collaborative endeavours by groups of researchers, innovators, technologists etc working together within the HDR UK. Members of the HDR UK community were able to nominate a team or propose their own for HDR UK Team of the Year. 

Overall winner: 

HDR UK Sprint Exemplar Project in Rare Diseases Team – led by John Bradley, Cambridge University Hospitals & Gut Reaction, The Health Data Research Hub for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Additional COVID-19 themed winner:

HDR UK London COVID-19 Response Team led by Amitava Banerjee

Highly commended 

  • Team lead/rep: Rebecca Bendayan
    Team name: HDR UK National Text Analytics Project team 
  • Team lead/rep: Ruth Blackburn
    Team name:HDR UK Early Career Committee 

Find out more about this prize and view the selection committee here.


Impact of the Year Award 

HDR UK aims to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. This award was open to pieces of work that had contributed to this goal, including clinical practice or policy, algorithms, software, publications and more. 


Model that estimates excess deaths from COVID-19 – led by Amitava Banerjee, UCL & HDR UK London

Highly commended 

  • Team lead/rep:Rosalind Eggo
    Impact name:Modelling non-pharmaceutical interventions for COVID-19 

Output: Click here for the output citation 

Find out more about this prize and view the selection committee here. 

Early Career Lightning Talk Award 

Selected early career researchers, technologists and innovators from the HDR UK community presented their work with health data as a 3-minute lightning talk at the HDR UK annual conference. Attendees voted live for the most impactful presentation. 


Real-time hospital cancer data, excess deaths and a questions for the Prime Minister – Alvina Lai, UCL & HDR UK London

Runners up:

  • Ethnic and socioeconomic inequalities in SARS-CoV-2 infection – Claire Niedzwiedz, University of Glasgow
  • Monitoring diet more accurately to aid healthy living in a post-COVID society – Joram Posma, Imperial College London

Seven presentations in total were shortlisted for the early career talks and presented during a session at the HDR UK annual conference on 16 June. The other presentations were:

  • Assigning unique pseudonymised identifiers to addresses to enable linkage to care homes: evaluation of a novel algorithm – Gill Harper, Queen Mary University of London
  • The Polygenic Score (PGS) Catalogue: an open database for reproducibility and systematic evaluation – Samuel Lambert, University of Cambridge
  • Using smartphones and wearable devices to monitor behavioural changes during COVID-19 – Shaoxiong Sun, King’s College London
  • Vitamin D Concentration and Covid-19 – Claire Hastie, University of Glasgow

Find out more about this prize, highly commended applications, and view the selection committee here. 

Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone who nominated a Team of the Year or Impact of the Year or applied to do a Lightning Talk at the One Institute Annual Conference.