Data-driven better mental health for all 

The HDR UK community is leading the way to harness the UK’s data by creating an ecosystem for secure, inclusive and anonymised data research, and supporting cutting-edge mental health data science to improve the lives of people with mental health.  

Importantly, we’re doing this in partnership with people with lived experiences of mental health conditions, to ensure we’re acting in the best interests of the people who will benefit from this work. 

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, HDR UK launched a campaign focusing on the important role that data has in reducing mental health care inequalities.


The infographic ‘Health data and mental health research’ below has been corrected by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK). The provenance of the public survey data could not be verified as part of a detailed independent review. This information has therefore been removed; this does not invalidate the remaining results and conclusions presented as part of the graphic. HDR UK would like to apologise to readers.

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Our impact in mental health