The UK is home to some of the best mental health data in the world, and there is enormous potential to use this data to accelerate progress in care and address the longstanding disadvantages faced by people with mental health conditions.

Data-driven better mental health for all 

The HDR UK community is leading the way to harness the UK’s data by creating an ecosystem for secure, inclusive and anonymised data research, and supporting cutting-edge mental health data science to improve the lives of people with mental health.  

Importantly, we’re doing this in partnership with people with lived experiences of mental health conditions, to ensure we’re acting in the best interests of the people who will benefit from this work. 

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10th October, HDR UK is launching a campaign focussed on the important role that data has in reducing mental health care inequalities. 

Alastair, a public advisor for HDR UK’s work, said:

“I’ve had depression and anxiety for the best part of 15 years and it always felt like it was something happening to me that I didn’t have control over. Being asked to get involved in HDR UK’s work has given me a chance to have a say about my own data but also helped me grow my confidence and meet other people who also have similar conditions which I haven’t really done before.”

Our impact in mental health