Health Data Research UK’s mission is to make game-changing improvements in the health of patients and populations through data science research and innovation

To achieve this the institute has created a network of inter-disciplinary research expertise across six sites which will disrupt traditional science and transcend disciplines. These HDR UK Sites will develop secure and controlled environments within the highest standards of data security, privacy and ethical approval, to provide expert research data services and enable the ethical analysis and sharing of health care, clinical, genomic, biological and other multi-dimensional data. They will also enable the application of new cutting-edge technologies to enhance decision making and improve healthcare, as science heads into the fourth industrial revolution. Find out more about the HDR UK Sites here.

The institute has a triple aim of providing excellence and innovation in training, performing ambitious scientific programmes at scale and building a UK information commons for the trustworthy use of multidimensional data for research.

—– Health Data Research UK Substantive Sites

Following an open call for proposals launched in August 2017, applications to form collaborative sites – the foundation partners of Health Data Research UK – were received from organisations across the UK by the closing date in October 2017.  Find out more about our six Sites here.

—–Digital Innovation Hub Programme

Health Data Research UK is leading the delivery of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme – a UK-wide initiative to enable the safe and responsible use of health-related data at scale for research and innovation.

Find out about the Digital Innovation Hub Programme here

—–Health Data Research UK Sites

An International Expert Review Group, Chaired by Professor Dan Roden of Vanderbilt University, was convened to provide an independent assessment of the proposals.

On 7 February 2018, the successful applicants were announced.

The successful Health Data Research UK Sites are:

These Sites will receive an initial share of £30m investment to address challenging healthcare issues through use of data science.


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