Our goals

  • Enable research that tackles locally-set, priority health challenges by improving capture and analysis of all forms of health-relevant data  
  • Address inequity in where data is collected and who benefits from the evidence 
  • Connect expertise and share technology, standards, policies, and solutions that work between different projects, teams and networks in low resource settings 

What we seek to do

  • Work as a global federated partnership facilitating data governance, capacity building and system strengthening by connecting experts and excellence across and between projects, programmes, regions and organisations  
  • Provide open access to tools, resources, technical and data analytical support to enable new analyses from existing data sets 
  • Engage with the community in all its activities and embed approaches that ensure findings from new data analysis are taken into practice  
  • Link research and public health data activities for better collection and analysis to support data science as an integral element of healthcare delivery, and enable evidence-led decision making to improve outcomes in global priority health challenges 
  • Take a ‘showing-by-doing’ approach through pathfinder projects that generate evidence through asking new questions of existing datasets in the world’s most resource limited settings 

Our early deliverables: 

  • HDR Global working with a global community of practice, regional partners and The Global Health Network have developed the Global Health Data Science hub, a digital platform which aims to support health data science communities globally  
  • ICODA’s existing driver projects are already acting as pathfinder projects to help our understanding and connecting cohorts of researchers globally  
  • We have been supporting global health events with data science content, including: CPHIAWHO Data Science summitCUGH  

HDR Global is a data science programme convened by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and builds on the successful International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) initiative.  

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