Welcome to our Regional Networks, designed to leverage local expertise in health data science systems and forge partnerships across diverse locations.

The Network has representation across the four nations, enabling vital contributions from leading researchers and research organisations to focused, UK-wide research initiatives. It also opens up and supports regional capabilities across research data, infrastructure and services, the NHS, patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) and innovation.

Our Regional Networks feature:

  • Strong leadership: Each region has clear leadership dedicated to building partnerships, promoting activities and encouraging innovation, along with an overarching commitment to improve national capabilities.
  • Established connections: The Network has developed strong relationships with colleagues, including key local data custodians, governmental bodies, the NHS, public health and research organisations, specialised local partners, and skilled individuals across all four nations.

Health data science is complex, and many differences exist between nations and regions with a nation. Our Regional Networks provide the expertise and collaborative opportunities to effectively address these disparities at a national level.

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