Our mission is to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives.  

Our 20-year vision is for large scale data and advanced analytics to benefit every patient interaction, clinical trial, biomedical discovery and enhance public health.  

In our first five years we have achieved a huge amount, developing advanced infrastructure, carrying out cutting-edge data science and playing a central role addressing the most pressing health research challenges facing society, including the Covid-19 pandemic. Read about our impact since we were founded in 2018 in our Annual Reports and Establishment Review.

As we move into our second five years 2023-28, we have refreshed our strategy.
Our refreshed strategy draws on our learnings to-date, has been co-created with the HDR UK Community and builds on our progress to accelerate the pace of delivery of our mission. 

The strategy focuses on three, integrated areas: 

  1. Uniting health data through the delivery of trustworthy infrastructure and services.
  2. Advancing research discoveries through [6] high-impact driver programmes 
  3. Promoting partnerships to bring together the health data research sector in the UK and globally 

A word from Andrew Morris, HDR UK Director

“Over the past five years, HDR UK has made a substantial impact on health data across the UK and globally, especially in assembling the data architecture and delivering insights that supported the UK and global response to Covid-19. 

Our strategy and plans for 2023-28 are ambitious, exciting and will continue to contribute to the UK’s role as a global leader in science and innovation.” 


Our work across these three integrated areas of activity will enable researchers to access data faster, more easily, securely and in a trustworthy way to deliver insights which improve people’s lives: 

  • Supporting discoveries through high impact UK-wide programmes that use advanced analytics and link large scale datasets to address major health and societal challenges, while informing the development of the infrastructure and services. 

  • Building partnerships with local, national and global organisations, to combine skills, resources, and expertise across academia, NHS, industry, government and to address complex challenges that cannot be solved by one organisation alone.