Health Data Research UK Strategic Partners

Health Data Research UK is a new type of institute, characterised by bringing together expertise and partnerships at scale.  These partnerships include universities and institutes across our six research Sites; NHS and social care organisations; charities; industry; patients and the public; and other government-funded organisations.

Through partnership, we aim to identify and act on opportunities to make bigger and better health data science improvements and best use of public money, by:

  • Combining financial resources into better and more targeted investments
  • Sharing expertise, resources (people, equipment, space, data)
  • Joining up and aligning on communications, engagement and influencing

By doing this we hope to reduce duplication of effort by each organisation, minimise complexity and provide clarity to the public and end users of health data research.

We are forging strategic partnerships that add value to our three priorities of science, talent and infrastructure.  We are seeking partnerships with public benefit and alignment to our strategy.

Our strategic partnerships include:

British Heart Foundation (BHF)

KQ Labs

Medicines Discovery Catapult

The Alan Turing Institute

The UK Health Data Research Alliance

Health Data Research Hub Industry Partners