Burns R, Pathak N, Campos-Matos I, Zenner D, Vittal Katikireddi S, Muzyamba MC, Miranda JJ, Gilbert R, Rutter H, Jones L, Williamson E, Hayward AC, Smeeth L, Abubakar I, Hemingway H, Aldridge RW

Wellcome Open Research (2019) 4:41-21

Background: In 2017, 15.6% of the people living in England were born abroad, yet we have a limited understanding of their use of health services and subsequent health conditions. This linked population-based cohort study aims to describe the hospital-based healthcare and mortality outcomes of 1.5 million non-European Union (EU) migrants and refugees in England.

Methods and analysis: We will link four data sources: first, non-EU migrant tuberculosis pre-entry screening data; second, refugee pre-entry health assessment data; third, national hospital episode statistics; and fourth, Office of National Statistics death records. Using this linked dataset, we will then generate a population-based cohort to examine hospital-based events and mortality outcomes in England between Jan 1, 2006, and Dec 31, 2017. We will compare outcomes across three groups in our analyses: 1) non-EU international migrants, 2) refugees, and 3) general population of England.

Ethics and dissemination: We will obtain approval to use unconsented patient identifiable data from the Secretary of State for Health through the Confidentiality Advisory Group and the National Health Service Research Ethics Committee. After data linkage, we will destroy identifying data and undertake all analyses using the pseudonymised dataset. The results will provide policy makers and civil society with detailed information about the health needs of non-EU international migrants and refugees in England.