Our Impact Committee celebrates the most impactful outputs from across HDR UK and our contributors, which demonstrate the value of our mission to unite the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. Outputs are selected based on a set of defined criteria including research excellence, scale, team science, public and patient involvement, diversity and inclusivity, and more.

About us

  • A diverse range of research outputs are welcome including but not limited to software, digital tools, change to clinical guidelines, changes to public health policy, intellectual property, datasets, etc in addition to research articles – at least one contributor must be an HDR UK member. For more detail on membership, please see the HDR UK Attribution Policy (Appendix 2).

  • The criteria by which HDR UK’s impacts are selected include:

    1. Research excellence
    2. Impact (e.g. on public health or healthcare)
    3. The role of Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)
    4. Scale
    5. Team science
    6. Open science
    7. Public/patient impact and involvement
    8. Equality, diversity and inclusion

    The committee aims to reward a balance of impacts across the HDR UK National Priorities.

  • Outputs can be nominated for consideration by the Impact Committee using the webform.

    Nominations of both own and others’ outputs are welcome, and nominations are considered on a rolling basis.

    In addition to nominations directly from the HDR UK community, the Research Directors of each National Priority are encouraged to suggest and shortlist outputs for consideration each month.

  • Members are all early career researchers – as defined by being within the first eight (full time equivalent) years of their of their research career (including post-graduate training). They are a diverse group of people drawn from across the country, disciplines and HDR UK National Priorities. This is an informal, pragmatic group, who work as a team to develop the processes by which they carry out our role.

    We openly advertise for new members periodically and membership is time-limited – rotating off the group is staggered to ensure a mix of experienced and new members, and to allow members flexibility in stepping down.

    We are always open to applications to join the committee. Email enquiries@hdruk.ac.uk to enquire.