Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am studying Biological and Medical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. I applied for the BVS scholarship to gain an insight into health data science as it was something I was interested in. Academically, I am interested in pharmacology and how I can use my data skills in this; my final year research project has combined the two, through pharmacogenetics.

Why did you apply for the BVS scholarship? 

I completed the BVS scholarship at Manchester Royal Infirmary, part of the Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. I worked primarily with Dr Anthony Wilson, who was very supportive and had a lot of knowledge in the field. I was able to develop my skills in data very quickly with the support I had.

What did you do during your scholarship

During my scholarship, I was part of a study which compared the effectiveness of two temperature monitors. We collected data across a 24-hour period, and the temperature monitors took a measurement every second or every minute, meaning we acquired a lot of data. It was interesting working with such large amounts of data as I had never done this before, and working with big data sets is definitely a good skill to have in data science.

Did it bring benefits?

Being able to see how data has an impact on patients was really interesting and definitely reinstated my interest in a career in clinical science. Taking part in this internship has really enhanced my CV; it is something unique to discuss and is great evidence of transferable skills.

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