In Cambridge Spark’s latest “Industry Insights Session”, Monica Jones, Chief Data Officer at the University of Leeds and Associate Director for HDR UK, shared her data journey, and how it has helped her with the Data Strategy implementation and Data Transformation Programme at the University of Leeds. She provided a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for professionals navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology careers.

Monica’s recommendations to propel your tech career

Self-Assessment and Goal Setting: Begin by evaluating your current skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Identify your career objectives, whether it’s becoming a senior software engineer, data scientist, or transitioning into management. Assess your technical skills and soft skills like communication and leadership.

Identify Skill Gaps: Conduct market research and networking to understand in-demand skills. Seek mentorship for guidance on skill development and career advancement.

Effective Technical Training: Explore a range of learning opportunities including formal education, online courses, bootcamps, and company training programs. Select the ones that best address your skill gaps.

Concise Development Plan: Create a detailed plan with a skill acquisition timeline, allocate resources for training, and engage in project-based learning. Establish a feedback mechanism with mentors or peers.

Continuous Learning: Stay informed about new technologies and trends. Attend professional development workshops, subscribe to industry newsletters, and consider obtaining relevant certifications.

Critical Personal Growth: Develop adaptability, resilience, and networking skills. Even individual contributors should cultivate leadership skills to influence and guide others.

Showcase Skills and Achievements: Create a digital portfolio, keep your LinkedIn profile updated, craft a targeted resume, and enhance your online presence through community contributions.

Seek Mentorship and Feedback: Connect with experienced professionals for guidance and seek peer feedback on your work.

Pursue Advancement Opportunities: Actively look for higher-level positions, promotions, or lateral moves that align with your career goals. Explore both external job postings and internal opportunities.

Embrace Failure and Iterate: Understand that career advancement in tech isn’t always linear. Embrace failures as learning opportunities, adapt your strategy, and persistently work towards your goals.

Session recording now available

If you missed the live session, we highly encourage you to watch the recorded session. Not only does it cover these crucial steps in more detail, but it also includes some thought-provoking questions raised by participants. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain insights from one of the industry’s leading professionals.

View the session recording


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