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To contribute to our mission to unite the UK’s health data in order to enable discoveries that improves people’s lives, Health Data Research UK is looking for input from users of health data. The survey aims to build an understanding of the landscape in which researchers and innovators using health data operate, and a framework of requirements of data standards required to conduct their research.

This follows a piece of work earlier this year to survey a number of data custodians in order to gain an understanding of the data models and standards which they support within their organisations. Responses will help us to support improvement in the standard of the data discoverable on the Innovation Gateway, in line with the expectations of real users.

Why is this important?

This survey will provide critical insights into which data standards data custodians should be implementing, and what information users need within this landscape. The aim is that this will help to increase the pace at which health data research can can take place.

Who should complete the survey?

If you are a research or innovator in any sector – whether healthcare, industry or academia – who needs to use health data for their work, we want to hear from you. You can be at any stage in your career, and any role that involves the use of this data.

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The deadline to complete the survey is 31st January at 17:00. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

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