Why getting involved matters to our public contributors

We would not be where we are today without the fantastic help and support of patients and members of the public. Our Public Advisory Board makes sure HDR UK is driven to deliver benefits to patients and the public, whilst our HDR UK Voices network helps to shape and influence the work of HDR UK and our partner organisations. Hear what our current members have to say, and see if getting involved in health data research is the right choice for you.

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Why does your involvement matter to researchers?

You’ve heard our public contributor stories, but why does public involvement matter to research? Natalie Fitzpatrick, Principal Research Fellow at University College London, tells us how she involves the public and why their voices are so vital to the work she does.

Join HDR UK Voices

Have the stories we’ve shared had an impact on you? Do you want to get involved and start making a difference today? Why not join our HDR UK Voices network?

HDR UK Voices is a growing network of people who want to use their voices to help shape and influence our work. Each week, we let our network know about new opportunities they can get involved with across HDR UK. They play a vital role in advising us about how we access data, what research they feel matters and more by:

  • Providing¬†insights via surveys and workshops
  • Sharing¬†thoughts and ideas at local and national events
  • Contributing to specific projects and programmes

We want people from many different backgrounds. No matter whether you support health data access or not, you are free to join. We only ask that you respect the views and opinions of others.

Join HDR UK Voices