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By joining our network, you will help ensure that our work has the trust and confidence of patients, public, practitioners.

How much you choose to get involved is entirely up to you, and as we grow the number of opportunities available, we’ll help you find the opportunity that best fits you.

Angela Coulter, Chair of HDR UK Public Advisory Board:

“HDR UK aims to ensure that health data science produces results that are accessible to and valued by the public, so there’s never been a more important time to get involved.”

By joining our network, you will:

  • Be invited to an online ‘Introduction to HDR UK’ session to find out more about the organisation and how you’ll be playing a vital role in our community
  • Receive emails with information on new opportunities to get involved
  • Get our monthly newsletter ‘HIVE’ straight to your inbox
  • Receive invites to local and national events across HDR UK
  • Be invited to online and virtual events to meet other members of the network
  • Receive bespoke training and support to carry out any roles you take on
  • Have your chance to shape and influence the growing and exciting field of health data research and know you’re making a difference

Remember, you don’t need to be pro-access when it comes to health data to get involved. It’s important that we hear from a range of people with a mix of thoughts and opinions – all we ask is that you are respective of the views of others and are interested in this area of work.

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Learn more about HDR UK and how we involve patients and the public by watching the recording of our ‘Involve to Improve: how we work with patients and the public’ event below: