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Get in touch with the team if you have a training need to address or are interested in partnering to create high quality bitesize videos involving your specialist area.

About Futures

Users can browse over a dozen learning pathways in various health data science topics such as artificial intelligence for clinicians, health information engineering and research software engineering.

Tutors include lecturers from the University of Manchester, NHS and experts in reproducibility.

Among the >10,000 Futures learners are students, healthcare staff and early career researchers.

What our subject matter experts say

“HDR Futures is an excellent way for healthcare analysts to advance their skills and knowledge and thrive within the UK’s dynamic health and care system.”

Rony Arafin, CEO of AphA

“Working with HDR UK has been fantastic. The bitesize videos are short and enjoyable pieces of key information in data science. They allow efficient information uptake across the research community and beyond,”

Fatemeh Torabi, Research Officer and Data Scientist at HDR UK-Wales Swansea University

“Bitesize videos are an excellent way to summarise key information in an engaging format in a fast-moving world. I am passionate about diversity in health data and I find great alignment with HDR UK’s objectives in this regard,”

Shikta Das, OneHealth Tech

“As an early supporter of the L7 Data Science and AI Standard, HDR UK has helped us signpost the opportunity for healthcare professionals to upskill and progress their career development in this area,”

Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Founder & CEO Cambridge Spark

Alignment with Strategic Priorities

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Visit our Futures page, which has details about how to access high-quality health data science resources.