HDR UK is working with UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) and EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) to help drive the work of two of its digital health hubs.

These hubs have been set up to encourage innovation in digital health by promoting knowledge and skills sharing across healthcare, academia and business.

The hubs build and share knowledge and skills between businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises and larger) across academic disciplines and with the health and care system through:

  • vocational training
  • continuing professional development courses
  • secondments
  • workshops
  • seminars.

HDR UK’s Capacity Building team is supporting two of the five hubs to help promote and provide learning and training.

LEAP: The Leadership Engagement Acceleration and Partnership Digital Health Hub Partnership

Led by Professor Ian Craddock, University of Bristol

LEAP is cultivating a multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial, cross-sector digital health community across the south-west of England and South Wales.

It does this by providing a Skills and Knowledge Programme of training through its university partners and by offering research funding.

The initiative brings together the region’s leading universities, businesses, NHS trusts and health boards, social care organisations, local authorities and others.

The hub’s objectives are to address unmet health and care needs, and to shape and nurture collaborative research projects.

NortHFutures: Northern Health Futures Hub

Led by Professor Abigail Durrant, Newcastle University

The NortHFutures hub aims to create a world-leading innovation ecosystem to facilitate the research, development, and acceleration of responsibly designed, human-centred, and data-rich health-tech.

It is also working to cultivate an entrepreneurial and vibrant community that addresses regional healthcare needs and promotes leadership in digital health.

The hub brings together regional National Health Service (NHS) foundation trusts plus more than 50 other partners including regional, national, and global companies, health and care providers, local authorities, innovation accelerators, along with voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector organisations and advocacy groups.