The aim

To use health data for research and innovation that directly improves the NHS.

The challenge

There are innovators in the NHS, universities and business with great ideas to improve patient outcomes, experience, and efficiency of healthcare services. However, innovators often find it unnecessarily difficult to access health data, whereas the people who are accessing the data, often don’t have the skills or support to innovate. In cases where this disconnect has been fixed, the arrangements don’t always stream the benefits back into the NHS as much as they should.

Our approach

We are facilitating people with the right skillsets to develop useful and reliable medical apps for the public, doctors and healthcare centres to use to enhance use of services and outcomes for patients. We are helping them to gain access to the data they need to do this, in a way that protects that data, maintains the anonymity of patients, and allows innovation. We make sure that the innovations we support directly benefit the NHS and have UK-wide reach across the four nations. We’ll create an environment that empowers innovators to the UK population healthier though the creative and secure use of health data.

Our output

High-quality, useful and reliable apps for the public, doctors and health centres (e.g. hospitals, GP surgeries) to use to improve healthcare and outcomes in the NHS.