Shoga says:

“I am very excited about this internship opportunity with Health Data Research UK.

“I look forward to working and meeting with my Colleagues at Swansea University and my line manager Anna Rawlings.

“This experience would be a life changing one and I am delighted to gain all the insights needed as a Health Data Scientist.”

I am a graduate of Microbiology (BSc) and Public Health (MSc). My passion for Science and technology with a particular interest in using Data to aid research and improve outcomes, quality and delivery of healthcare. This lead me to a great start in my career, acquiring experience within the NHS and a volunteer role as a data analyst at King’s College London has further fuelled my ambition to be a seasoned Health Data Analyst and Researcher.

Through HDR UK internship program, I look forward to gaining invaluable experience and improve my skills as an analyst and researcher to a very high level.