I am an optimistic, balanced individual with an inclination for efficiency. I believe technology is reshaping global healthcare, which has given birth to health information management systems, hence generating an abundance of health data, which arguably can be categorised as the gold mine of our time.

This passion led me to pursue a career in clinical data analysis, where I see data’s predictive power revolutionizing and improving healthcare systems and their complex processes. The internship perfectly aligns with my career aspirations, as it will provide me with the opportunity, skills, knowledge, hands-on experience, and connection to enable me to achieve my career aspirations.

I have a master’s degree in health informatics from Swansea University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Madonna University, Nigeria. I also have a certification in leadership and management in health and another in monitoring and evaluation in global health from the University of Washington.

Okwukwe is an intern with: