Munisa is a patient of the NHS, having suffered from congenital cataracts. She has also worked for the NHS for several years in a patient-facing role, where she gained an interest in different perspectives the public and NHS staff have towards healthcare and the use of healthcare data.

Munisa is also a doctoral researcher currently studying towards her PhD in Epidemiology at Brunel University London. She graduated with her Biomedical Sciences degree in 2020 and chose to continue down the path of research. Munisa’s PhD focuses on understanding common mechanisms of different types of cataracts and integrating genetic data to develop a cataract risk prediction tool and identify lifestyle factors for cataract prevention.

Throughout her life, she has engaged with NHS professionals and numerous areas of the NHS system. Through her experience as a PhD researcher, NHS worker and patient, she understands a wide variety of opinions surrounding data use and the benefits of utilising data to support an improved healthcare system. Munisa has a keen interest in the importance of diversifying data and upholding public trust through the transparency of its use. She hopes to help the Public Advisory Board in these aligned goals by offering a unique perspective on how data usage can be utilised in research whilst upholding integrity and the public’s trust.