I have a first degree in pure mathematics and had just completed my master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, where I  was exposed to big data analysis using python and SQL. For my dissertation I used machine learning models to detect and predict breast cancer.  My passion lies in utilising data-driven insights to enhance health outcomes. I am thrilled to hone my skills in health data science with my Internship with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

My goals and expectations are to:

  • Collaborate with the research team at NIHR to analyse and interpret health data.
  • Utilise my knowledge in machine learning and data visualisation to identify risk factors, patterns, and potential interventions for improved healthcare outcomes.
  • Engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, contributing to research projects that address pressing healthcare challenges and promote positive health outcomes.
  • Enhance my knowledge and skills in health data science through hands-on experience, methodologies, and diverse datasets available at NIHR.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of research findings through presentations, reports to drive advancements in health data science and its impact on healthcare.