I am a healthcare professional with a diverse background in clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical operations, business management and public health research and analysis. Holding a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, I am passionate about enhancing community health outcomes through data-driven research, disease surveillance, and targeted interventions. While the Pharmacy degree provided me with deep clinical expertise, an understanding of pharmaceutical innovations, and the effects of medications on the human body; the Master of Public Health degree equipped me with advanced skills in data analysis, disease surveillance, and evidence-based interventions. This combination of clinical and public health knowledge stimulated my interest in harnessing data-driven insights to unlock transformative solutions in the healthcare sector to enhance population health outcomes.

As an HDR intern, I’m eager to sharpen my data science skills in healthcare. I believe that applying data-driven insights to public health will unlock solutions to our most urgent health challenges. I’m excited to gain hands-on experience by contributing to research that directly improve patient care, create targeted public health interventions, and strengthen overall community health outcomes.