Dr Darragh McArt and his team focus on translational research. Their endeavours in this landscape centre around the delivery of compute capabilities to handle the ‘big data’ era and delivery analytics bespoke to scientific discovery. Key to driving discovery in this space are intelligent software capabilities and integrative frameworks in which to embed information allowing data persistent and analytic proficiencies. These endeavours are becoming paramount in all modern research programs and central to multi-stakeholder projects around data transparency and ownership. Integromic software developed from my group is now being applied in multi-centre projects on large collaborative initiatives. These ongoing programs and research interests are becoming central frameworks for much of the efforts within QUB and UK wide hubs.

Darragh’s team works in a range of bioinformatic areas that integrate information to common platform spanning concepts from evolutionary algorithms and natural language processing to phylogenetics and evolution. This has recently culminated in the QUB spin out company Sonrai Analytics, an integrative software solution for modern day ‘big data’.