Andrew Stevenson is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Edinburgh. His research examines the impact of environmental factors on health using health survey data and linked administrative health data. He holds a PhD in Geography and a Master of Science in Public Health from McGill University.

Project Information

Research Driver Programme: Social and Environmental Determinants of Health 

Title: Ultraviolet radiation, air pollution and health: a linked data analysis


Our current and future health is influenced by the environments that we live in. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh, I am working to achieve the objectives of Health Data Research UK Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Program. I am linking ultraviolet radiation and air pollution data to existing, longitudinal administrative records from healthcare services, a historic dataset and a recruited cohort. Understanding how these factors affect individual health creates opportunities for evidence-based interventions.

What is your motivation for undertaking this project and how will this funding impact your research?

I am interested in how built and physical environments “get under the skin” to affect our health and well-being at the population-level. HDRUK funding gives me the opportunity to process and link environmental data to rich administrative health datasets to examine the relationships between environmental factors and health.