Evidentli was founded with the goal of reimagining healthcare data and enabling healthcare innovation.

Evidentli is a global leader in research and translational medicine automation offering self-service software to public and private healthcare providers, government, health insurers and others. We use multiple AIs to accelerate data transformations that normally take years of manual data-science effort. Our flagship product Piano, is a unique fully integrated research platform, for cleaning, aggregating, standardising and analysing real-world healthcare data. We enable customers to draw insights from their own data with the goal of improving medical outcomes by increasing the quality of medical services, reducing preventable errors and forming communities with shared clinical interests.

Evidentli is led by experienced thought leaders of digital health and healthcare AI. The team includes:- Dr Guy Tsafnat a leader in research automation, Greg Miner an experienced digital health executive out of Microsoft, Apple and Alcidion, Prof Enrico Coiera Director of Australia’s leading digital health research centre, Prof Paul Glasziou co-inventor of Evidence Based Medicine (Oxford), Dr Graeme Grieve the inventor of FHIR – the world’s interoperability standard for digital health, Dr Louise Schaper former CEO of the Australasian Institute for Digital Health (AIDH), Dr Blackford Middleton, former chair of AMIA, HIMSS, executive ClosedLoop.ai and inventor of patient centred health records (Stanford); Dr Davera Gabrial from Johns Hopkins and HIMSS who leads the HL7/FHIR terminologies working group, the OHDSI terminologies committee as well as the Vulkan and N3C terminology transformation groups, Jenny Morawska a highly experienced Chair and NED in Finance, Health and Technology, and Alison Gartner life science venture capital investment background.

“Evidentli has a uniquely powerful technology that enables data transformation to OMOP with a speed and at a quality I have not yet seen anywhere else.”

By Grahame Grieve Inventor of FHIR, USA Government Advisor