Established in October 2020, the National Core Studies programme consists of six studies, including the cross-cutting Data and Connectivity Study, which is led by Health Data Research UK and the Office for National Statistics. Data and Connectivity supports the other National Core Studies to rapidly answer key COVID-19 research questions by enabling streamlined access to priority linked datasets, through Trusted Research Environments.

Each month, we share a report detailing key progress and achievements made by the study’s delivery partners across the four nations. This month’s full report is provided here and a summary of highlights is below.  The report demonstrates the substantial progress and impact that the study is having to enable the research response to COVID-19.

Our recently published interview with Professor Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician kicks off our series of video blogs and provides his perspective on health data research and the Data and Connectivity Study:

“It’s one of the most exciting projects I have ever been involved with and it’s a real privilege to work with colleagues at Health Data Research UK,” comments Professor Sir Ian Diamond, National Statistician.

If you would like more information on how to get involved or access linked national data for COVID-19 research, please visit the Gateway or contact us by emailing