By using the widget, custodians will be able to increase transparency and accessibility of the data uses already published on their web pages and provide a clear and direct connection from their website to their Gateway data uses.

Custodians who have yet to develop a data use register will be able to use the Gateway’s register, whilst maintaining a level of transparency and openness on their own platforms through a direct link to the widget which updates automatically, reduces the need to maintain multiple registers and facilitates the centralization of this information.

The widget has been co-designed and developed with extensive input from custodians, to ensure that it integrates seamlessly with third party websites.

Example of how the widget could look

A benefit of using the Gateway data use register

The Gateway data use register was launched in March 2022, and provides custodians with a platform to be open and transparent about the ways in which the datasets they are responsible for, are being accessed and used.

This register was developed as a direct implementation of the Standard, published a few months earlier in January 2022.

Since its launch, the Gateway data use register has made 844 data uses by 18 custodians discoverable. Most notably, the register has increased the quality and depth of information shared, by ensuring that the majority of data uses include the minimum information.

All custodians with datasets listed on the Gateway are invited to use this feature and to make use of its wealth of benefits.

How to start using the widget or data use register

The widget is available to all custodians using the Gateway data use resister. If you are interested in implementing this feature, or would like to learn more about the Gateway data use register, then please get in touch with the Service Delivery and Improvement Team.