What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox will be a secure and trustworthy virtual testing environment for seven projects to interact with the UK Health Data Research Alliance, the Health Data Research Hubs, and the Innovation Gateway. This user group are providing test cases of services, innovations or knowledge that require access to large scale data to improve the health of patients and the population. The Sandbox participants will help Health Data Research UK to transform access to the UK’s health data – safely and securely – for research that could help in areas such as pioneering new and faster treatments for patients and finding new cures for diseases.

Participation in the Sandbox will give users the opportunity to receive support and advice as they research and develop a product, service, innovation or new area of knowledge that requires access to large scale health data. Participants will also be part of a community and user group which will play an important role in helping to shape the UK’s health data infrastructure for research and innovation.

As well as helping Health Data Research UK to transform the use of health data for public benefit, Sandbox participants will benefit from:

  • Access to expertise on coding, terminology, meta data, submissions and study feasibility.
  • Liaison with UK health data research Alliance members and other data custodians, and liaison with technical infrastructure services (safe havens).
  • Faster and better development of their research or innovation.
  • Being recognised for high quality participation in the HDR UK mission, by your stakeholders and the health data research community.
  • Contributing to the development of the UK’s health data research infrastructure and supporting the UK in its ambition to become the home of health data science.

The Sandbox is a development and testing environment. There is no funding associated with the Sandbox and participating in the Sandbox is no guarantee of successful access to requested data.

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The Sandbox participants were selected by HDR UK based on six criteria:

  1. Will your product or service benefit patients and/or the public?
  2. Does the use case demonstrate innovative use of health data?
  3. Does the use case test all three elements of the DIH Programme (the Alliance, the Hubs and the Gateway) and how they interact?
  4. Does the DIH Programme have the potential to make a clear and distinct difference to the success of the use case?
  5. Can the use case achieve meaningful progress within 6 months that can inform the design of the DIH programme?
  6. Is the use case funded and approved, with the appropriate sign-offs and support that mean it is ready to join the Sandbox by 12 September 2019?

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The Health Data Research UK Sandbox is part of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme, funded by UK Research and Innovation’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. We are pleased to be running the Sandbox in partnership with the Medicines Discovery Catapult and the Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN.