What we do

The BHF Data Science Centre is a partnership between Health Data Research UK and the British Heart Foundation. We work closely with patients, the public, NHS organisations, researchers, and clinicians to promote the safe and ethical use of data for research into the causes, prevention and treatment of all diseases of the heart and circulation.

To find out more about the work of the BHF Data Science Centre, please read our brochure.

Our current activities

The current focus of the BHF Data Science Centre is on the response to COVID-19:

The team

Professor Cathie Sudlow – Director
Dr Lynn Morrice – Operations Director
Rouven Priedon – Project Manager
Dr Jackie MacArthur – Project Manager
Debbie Ringham – Communications and Engagement Manager
Lydia Martin – Executive Assistant

Click here to learn more about our governance structure including the role and membership of our Steering Group and Oversight Committee.

Contact the BHF Data Science Centre team by emailing bhfdsc@hdruk.ac.uk