The process of locating, accessing, curating, and linking data from Electronic Health Records is complex and time-consuming. Inflammation and Immunity, a new, UK-wide research driver programme, aims to streamline these procedures by developing gold-standard, clinically validated, research-ready datasets across the 4 UK nations.

Funded by Health Data Research UK, our mission is to lay these ‘data foundations’ to help driver health care innovation using data from across the whole UK population, and transform our understanding of inflammation-mediated conditions.

What to expect

As part of work delivered by the BREATHE Health Data Research Hub and NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre, members of our team previously established data registries for common respiratory conditions in England, Scotland, and Wales. Secured within the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD), DataLoch (a data service for South-East Scotland) and SAIL Databank respectively, these registries link relevant primary, secondary and specialist care data for conditions such as Asthma and COPD.

Register and discover how we will build upon this work, and re-apply our learning to other inflammatory conditions.

Join the conversation and hear from representatives from each of our partnered data providers (including Trusted Research Environments), about their policies, processes and more.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Jenni Quint (Imperial College London), Co-lead of Inflammation and Immunity, former Co-director of the BREATHE Health Data Research Hub
  • Alan Harbinson, Principal Statistician and Head of the Honest Broker Service (TRE for Northern Ireland)
  • Mr Chris Orton, Inflammation and Immunity’s Technical Lead and Programme Manager for SAIL Databank (TRE for Wales)
  • Ms Sara Hatam, Data Scientist at DataLoch


This is a free event hosted by the Usher Institute, The University of Edinburgh, and will be recorded.

This webinar is open to all, but will be of particular interest to researchers, analysts and other professionals who work with health data.


Time Speaker Action / presentation
14:00 Professor Jenni Quint What is Inflammation & Immunity?
14:10 Mr Chris Orton Showcasing collaborative and standardised data curation for common respiratory conditions
14:25 Mr Alan Harbinson

Mr Chris Orton

Ms Sara Hatam

Dr Susan Hodgson

Q&A session
14:55 Ms Kay Snowley Comments from funder
14:58 Professor Jenni Quint Closing comments
15:00 Webinar ends