About the event

The BHF Data Science Centre is a partnership between the British Heart Foundation and Health Data Research UK which enables researchers to access and use health data from across the UK in the best way possible to improve the public’s cardiovascular health.

Join the first BHF Data Science Centre Research Showcase to learn more about the centre’s trailblazing activities, progress and exciting future plans to improve UK-wide data-driven research into all heart and circulatory diseases.

This virtual event will showcase the breadth and variety of vital work happening at the BHF Data Science Centre, including enabling research using national linked health data across the UK, large-scale cardiovascular imaging, and streamlined data-enabled clinical trials.

This is your chance to hear more from the centre’s team and leading experts involved in the work of the centre. Find out more about the potential opportunities for working with the BHF Data Science Centre to enable research that will drive faster breakthroughs in our understanding of cardiovascular diseases using health data.


The event agenda for the day can be found here.


  • Prof Sir Nilesh Samani – Medical Director, British Heart Foundation
  • Prof Andrew Morris – Director, Health Data Research UK
  • Dr Doug Gurr – Chair of the British Heart Foundation Board of Trustees, and Director of the Natural History Museum
  • Prof Deborah Lawlor – BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Science and Professor of Epidemiology, University of Bristol
  • Prof Nicholas Mills – BHF Professor of Cardiology, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Cathie Sudlow – Director, BHF Data Science Centre
  • Kelvin Pitman – Public contributor, BHF Data Science Centre Oversight Committee
  • Dr Lynn Morrice – Operations Director, BHF Data Science Centre
  • Prof Angela Wood – Professor in Health Data Science, University of Cambridge
  • Prof Marc Dweck – Chair of Clinical Cardiology, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Matthew Sydes – Associate Director of Data-enabled Clinical Trials, BHF Data Science Centre; and Professor of Clinical Trials and Methodology at UCL
  • Prof Tim Chico – Associate Director for Personal Monitoring Data, BHF Data Science Centre; and Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Sheffield.

Full speaker biographies can be found here.


The showcase is aimed particularly at the broad research, cardiovascular and health data science communities, with a focus on scientific presentations and discussions. Whilst most presentations and discussions will have a scientific/technical aspect, patients and members of the public are welcome to attend if any of the sessions are of interest. We are developing the first part of the day to be most suited for a broader audience, including patients and members of the public.

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