As the pandemic evolves, we are developing a new approach to providing an update on the COVID-19 research response via the National Core Studies, including the Data and Connectivity study.  We have transitioned from the monthly SAGE report format to a refreshed quarterly report on impact across the National Core Studies, available here.

Read our reports to SAGE:

NCS Impact Report Jan Mar 2022

Our previous reports to SAGE

About our work to help SAGE

  • SAGE provides scientific and technical advice to support government decision makers during emergencies.

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  • We have teamed up with NHS Digital, the HDR Alliance, NHS national data custodians in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, national providers of specialist cardiovascular data and The British Heart Foundation (BHF) to provide:

    • A process to streamline and prioritise the most important health data research questions
    • An approach to link data
    • Provide access to secure analytical environments for researchers to answer these questions to improve understanding and treatment of coronavirus.

    Initial paper to SAGE – 15 April 2020

    This will enable progress on the most important health data research initiatives – those that aim to deliver the quickest benefits to the health of people across the UK – to be reported to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

    As well as questions from policymakers and researchers, we are keen to encourage health data research questions based on experience and observations from front-line clinicians working with patients affected by COVID-19.  If you have a research question that requires health data, please submit it via our online form and our expert review group will consider this in our weekly process.