HDR UK has harnessed the expertise of leading scientists from its UK-wide community to provide you with free access to their cutting-edge knowledge and insights.

Futures is a virtual learning environment with a growing library of bitesize videos covering a wide range of curriculums, including favourites such as Health Information Engineering, Phenomics and Better Care. It also gives you access to events and activities including seminars and workshops. It all adds up to a one-stop shop for your health data training needs.

Build up your CPD

HDR UK Futures is ideal for your CPD (continuing professional development) – increasingly important as today’s health data scientists need to demonstrate their skills and competence to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving sector.

You will receive a certificate for each curriculum you complete, so you can demonstrate your progress. And approval by the CPD Accreditation Service provides assurance that the curriculum you have taken has been externally reviewed and approved.

Your data science journey starts here

Our videos are delivered by subject matter experts from academia, industry and the NHS and can be followed at your own pace as you take your own learning pathway – choosing the topics most relevant to your interests.

Watch one below – it’s An introduction to code-free deep learning – Pearse Keane & Ciara O’Byrne. Then simply register for instant access to all that Futures has to offer.

A dynamic data science workforce

HDR UK Futures is part of our not-for-profit drive to build dynamic partnerships and a skilled, confident workforce to advance healthcare and the understanding of how health data science will play a significant part in the future of healthcare.