Health data scientists are increasingly essential in work by industry, academia and the NHS to make progress in healthcare – yet they are in short supply. HDR UK is partnering with Cambridge Spark to help solve the problem by creating the AI Apprenticeships Academy for Health.

It will offer expert-led, MSc equivalent 15-month apprenticeships that will bring major benefits to employers and employees alike. It is part of our drive to ensure that anyone with the ambition, talent and drive can have a career in health data science – no matter what their background or where in the UK they live.

Paid for through the Apprenticeships Levy

The academy will be funded by the Apprenticeships Levy – a payment made to government by many employers. This means that students don’t have to pay fees like they would if they went to university. It also means that employers make the most of a levy they are already paying to government – money they won’t benefit from unless they organise apprenticeships.

Learning and earning

Academy students will spend 80% of their time at work and applying their skills. The other 20% is spent learning and practicing new theory and skills that they can then apply at work. For most of the time they are clocking on and off like anyone else. At the end of it they have a government recognised Level 7 Apprenticeship, equal to an MSc.

The scheme is open to full-time employees in relevant roles who have experience in Python, statistics and linear algebra.

Employer benefits

Employers in the healthcare sector make immediate gains as the new skills apprentices learn can be applied in the workplace straight away. It is paid for through a levy already paid by many employers who either have to use it or lose it. Valuable employees remain in post while they learn, allowing employers to reskill their workforce with the minimum loss in time or productivity.

Find out more by watching this webinar hosted by HDR UK and Cambridge Spark.

A scalable solution

The academy is a scalable solution that will serve hundreds of learners in the coming years and employers will get support from Cambridge Spark in getting everything set up.



What You Can Learn on the Apprenticeship

    • A 15 month blended learning programme covering advanced data science and machine learning techniques with work-based projects.
    • 15 month long programme (exc. EPA)
    • Virtual live instructor-led teaching and flexible e-learning
    • Real-world simulated projects on EDUKATE.AI
    • Study groups
    • Data hackathon
    • Academic paper reviews
    • Personal career coach and technical mentor
    • Assessment and certification from BCS
  • The curriculum will be tailored to the health sector, with a hackathon working on a health dataset and expert sessions from leaders in health data science.

    • The data science toolbox
    • Data science for business
    • Databases, SQL and NoSQL (advanced)
    • Maths for data science (advanced)
    • Introduction to machine learning (advanced) 6.
    • Supervised learning
    • Unsupervised learning
    • Time series analysis (advanced)
    • Big data systems (advanced)
    • Software testing for data science
    • Principles of cloud computing
    • Data privacy, ethics and regulations
    • Ensemble methods
    • Neural networks and deep learning
    • Natural language processing
    • Model explainability and interpretability
    • Pragmatic techniques for model evaluation
    • Product management for AI
    • Recommender systems
    • Software engineering practices for data scientists.

About Cambridge Spark

Cambridge Spark is an education technology company that empowers organisations to achieve business goals through workforce education in data science and artificial intelligence.

It delivers government-funded apprenticeships, BSc and MSc degrees, and tailored programmes, based round a cutting-edge modular curriculum, expert teaching and engaging learning technology.

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