Data science is critically important to healthcare professionals and researchers. To help you power up your skills we are building a library of free, short, expert-led videos. This will develop into a comprehensive source of information on everything to do with health data science – from the basics to the latest advances.

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Our videos are delivered by subject-matter experts from academia, industry and the NHS and are designed to be followed at your own pace and learning pathway, so you can pick and choose the data science topics most relevant to you.

If you would like to take a look at one of the videos right now, try the one below in which Alex Bailey, Programme Manager, MRC Regulatory Support Centre, offers an essential guide to the issues around identifiable data.

Get Ahead In Health Information Engineering

This December HDR UK Futures is offering an expert-led three-day workshop that will give you hands-on experience in all the state-of-the-art HIE tools. It’s your chance to discover the modern software development process using the Agile software methodology.

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Meet your Futures tutors

  • Dr Alan Davies

    Alan’s route into health information engineering was sparked by personal experience. The death of both his parents from cancer when he was young made him want to find a career where he could actively help others.

    He initially worked in industry as a software engineer before training as a cardiac nurse and was accepted into medical school to become a doctor. Alan was subsequently diagnosed with a degenerative illness which meant that he was no longer suited to the physicality of hospital work.

    Working in hospitals had given him an interest in things like Electrocardiograms (ECGs) and this, combined with his background in software, led him to take a PhD in computer science and ultimately develop a career in which he now combines his skills to help other researchers develop software. As a senior lecturer he leads on courses in health informatics and health & clinical data science.

  • Dr Iliada Eleftheriou

    Iliada started out with a BSc in computer science that had a strong emphasis of software engineering. From there she progressed to a Master’s and a PhD, both focussed on the business side of computer science.

    This proved phenomenally useful when Iliada turned her attention to health data as she had a close interest in the way that data makes its journey round different organisations, teams and people – and the changes taking place along the way. The implications for health data research and care organisations were clearly far-reaching.

    During her career she has been involved with European Big Data projects and has worked closely with companies such as IBM. As a lecturer she teaches a number of courses in health informatics and a course unit on artificial intelligence. She is also a research data engineer in the Greater Manchester Care Record (GMCR) projects supported by Health Innovation Manchester (HInM).

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HDR UK Futures is part of our not-for-profit drive to build dynamic partnerships and a skilled, confident workforce to advance healthcare and the understanding of how health data science will play a significant part in the future of healthcare in the UK and around the world.

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