In April 2019, we published our One Institute Strategy that sets out our vision for the next 20 years – for large scale data and advanced analytics to benefit every patient interaction, clinical trial, biomedical discovery and enhance public health.

To support the delivery of this ambitious vision we have published an updated strategic delivery plan for 2020/21 that brings together our activities across HDR UK and sets out the plan for the year ahead.

HDR UK is a federated institute, benefiting from teams and physical offices located across the four nations of the UK. This plan sets out each of these locations and teams and how they are working together for the collective effort. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the power of this agile, federated model, allowing a rapid and galvanising response to the UK research effort at scale in partnership with NHS, academia and industry.

Our strategic delivery plan sets out our plans for:

  1.  Uniting health data – providing national convenorship through the Alliance and Gateway with open standards, and in a way that earns the trust of patients and the public
  2. Improving health data – providing tools, methods, hubs, and national expertise in health data quality improvement for researchers and innovators
  3. Using health data – enabling research and innovation, demonstrating novel approaches to health data use, impact at scale, and establishing an expert group of national research leaders in health data science

To read the strategic delivery plan 2020/21 click here

To read the One Institute Strategy – click here