We will deliver our mission through:

  1. Great science
  2. Great people
  3. Great infrastructure


Health Data Research UK’s science will help answer the biggest health questions and challenges that we face in the UK today.  Through innovative ways of extracting new knowledge from complex and diverse health data, we will discover new diseases, get more people participating in clinical trials and help eradicate diseases.

For further information on our science programmes, visit our research page.


Health Data Research UK’s talent and training strategy will build the skills needed for the UK to lead the health data science revolution across the NHS, academia and industry by supporting and empowering people at every stage in their career.    Our aim is to transform how data is used to improve health.  This requires a combination of expertise in statistics, informatics and substantive health science. The training strategy will develop health data scientists with expertise across these areas.

For further information about career development in health data science, visit our talent and training page.


Health Data Research UK’s infrastructure programme will create a UK-wide infrastructure of the world’s most comprehensive health data for use in research and innovation.  This will include electronic health records, medical images, wearables, genomic and biomedical data.

For further information about our infrastructure work, visit the Digital Innovation Hubs section.

Public involvement, engagement and participation shapes everything we do and we are committed to earning trust in how health data is used.  Health Data Research UK works in partnership with a wide range of organisations and individuals and champions the trustworthy use of data and digitisation for the public good.