Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)

—– By harnessing health and biomedical data in the UK, HDR UK will develop and apply cutting edge data science approaches in order to address the most pressing health research challenges facing the public.

HDR UK is a joint investment led by the Medical Research Council, together with the National Institute for Health Research (England), the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland), Health and Care Research Wales, Health and Social Care Research and Development Division (Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council, the British Heart Foundation and Wellcome.

What is data science?

—–There are many definitions but data science, or ‘informatics’, is the use of maths, statistics and computer science to get answers from large, complex datasets. Datasets in health and biomedical research come from lots of different sources so HDR UK will work with biological, clinical, social and environmental data. Researchers will also use emerging forms of data like that from wearable technology.

HDR UK mission

—–HDR UK supports world-leading research to develop cutting-edge analytical tools and methodologies to address the most pressing health research challenges. These tools and methods allow us to use complex and diverse data at an unprecedented depth and scale. As a national informatics research programme, HDR UK can capitalise on the UK’s unique research strengths and data assets.

HDR UK vision

—–My vision is to work across the UK to exploit the extraordinary capability of informatics… to create a new type of research institute that leads the international agenda in health data science. By working in partnership with academia, NHS, Government, industry, charities and the public, the Institute will be a scientific driving force for new knowledge through data, bringing benefits to medicine and society.

Professor Andrew Morris
—–Inaugural HDR UK Director

For further information on the setting up of HDR UK, please read A new informatics institute: who, what, why?
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