HDR Global is a global health data science programme convened by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) which builds on the successful International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) initiative.

The programme focuses on accelerating trustworthy data use and improving people’s lives through working in partnership with researchers in low- and middle-income countries to enable: 

  • Trustworthy and equitable access, re-use and analysis of health-relevant data in regions, communities and areas of global health challenge, where evidence to tackle the threat is lacking 
  • High-impact research at scale that is relevant to communities, policy makers and health systems, and which contributes to improved health outcomes for everyone, everywhere. 

Our Theory of Change

The diagram illustrates gaps, actions, and the ultimate goal of health data science research, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Gaps: Global inequity in health data research, focusing on who benefits and where it happens; Lack of locally-led research in LMICs; Low levels of data access and engagement with data science Delivered in partnership through exemplar studies: 1. Enable strong health data research infrastructures; 2. Strengthen health data science capability; 3. Empower researchers to engage and involve stakeholders. Goal: Health data science research, built on good practice and strong networks, is regularly conducted by researchers in LMICs and its outputs shape policy and practice.

What we seek to do

Working with global partners to address inequity and empower health researchers to use data science approaches in low- and middle-income countries we aim to:  

  • Establish key partnerships and enable exemplar studies to enable and accelerate scientific discovery through improved and sustainable data infrastructure and governance, building capabilities and engagement 
  • Develop equitable and trustworthy approaches to accelerate data access, re-use and analysis, focused on data infrastructure, technology governance, standards and policies that are appropriate for specific contexts  
  • Build capabilities in health data infrastructure and information governance for researchers and health practitioners, through landscaping, identifying skills gaps and enabling uptake and use of resources and training  
  • Empower researchers to engage and involve communities and policy makers in their research to ensure insights from data science approaches inform policy and practice to improve health outcomes  

Contact us

For further information or to ask specific questions, please email your enquiry to  HDRGlobal@hdruk.ac.uk