To achieve this, we bring together a unique blend of health expertise with world-leading maths, statistics and computer science skills.

Experts across the NHS, academia and industry are working together with patients to deliver outcomes that will help people to live longer and healthier lives.

The statistical and computational methods; digital tools and resources; world-leading health data infrastructure and data engineering, all developed and enabled by Health Data Research UK will ensure that people living in the UK benefit from:

  • The discovery of previously unknown rare diseases
  • Access to the most innovative treatments through participation in clinical trials no matter where you live
  • The prevention of common diseases, such as heart disease and cancer
  • More efficient healthcare services

We will support this by:

  • Delivering new ways of managing and extracting knowledge and insights from complex and diverse health data to deliver significant patient and public benefit.
  • Mobilising big data to address important health research questions that individual research organisations are unable to tackle themselves.

Health data scientists are collaborating across six Sites in the UK to bring together their expertise around a number of high impact research programmes.  We will work in partnership with research communities to deliver cutting-edge health data science programmes in Understanding Causes of Disease, Improving Public Health, More Effective Clinical Trials, Applied Analytics, The Human Phenome and Better Care.