The next annual Researchfish reporting window will be 1 February to 16:00 on 11 March 2021.

Historic information on how the 2020 Researchfish process was conducted:

2020 isthe first year that the whole institute reported outputs through Researchfish and all Health Data Research UK Members (as defined in our Attribution Policy) are asked to play their part. The submission window closes at 16:00 on 12th March 2020. Please make sure you log your Health Data Research UK outputs for the 2019 calendar year by the deadline – that may be work relating to a Substantive Site project (including a National Implementation Project), Sprint Exemplar Project, HDR UK Rutherford Fund Fellowship or UKRI Innovation Fellowship, etc.

[Please note that neither Digital Innovation Hubs nor the BHF Hub are on the Researchfish system yet , as they were awarded too recently, but Hub teams will be able to report through Researchfish next year.]

If you are a PI (Principal Investigator) for a Sprint Exemplar, HDR UK Rutherford Fund Fellowship or UKRI Innovation Fellowship, you will have received notification directly from Researchfish or the Medical Research Council about how to report. This will be the standard “one person reporting on one project” set-up.

If you are involved in Substantive Site research, the reporting system will work a little differently: rather than reporting by Site, these outputs will be reported by National Science Priority. The “PI” for each National Science Priority is a Research Director. They will delegate responsibility (by adding a number of ‘Team Members’ to their ‘Award’) within Researchfish to colleagues across the UK to report on activities underway in each Science Priority. Once outputs have been reported across Sites for each Science Priority, Research Directors will submit all outputs for their Science Priority from across the UK. See table below for the key people involved (there are many more project leads who can contribute also):

After the 12th March 2020 (submission deadline), outputs from all Health Data Research UK activities, across Science and Infrastructure, will be brought together and analysed as One Institute. This information will be used in many ways to help communicate Health Data Research UK’s impact, e.g. to our funders, the public, our research and innovation community etc. First stop will be producing an evidence base to support Health Data Research UK in passing its Establishment Review – an assessment of our institute, carried out by our funders, to determine whether we have been well set up.

Frequently asked questions and responses are available to download here:

Frequently asked questions

We held a webinar to set out how the Health Data Research UK community should report through Researchfish this year, which is available to play back below:

HDR UK on Researchfish webinar

If you have questions, please approach: