Phase 2


—–September 2018 to December 2019

Our first aim is to build upon best practice and identify, develop and learn new processes, practices, knowledge and skills to develop new and improved products and services that will benefit the Digital Innovation Hub programme. The exemplar innovation projects are therefore designed to inform the full Digital Innovation Hub programme design and specification.

Health Data Research UK is seeking between 6-8 industry exemplar projects that will establish “confidence in concept” of the Digital Innovation Hub Programme technology solutions, and proof of readiness for industry use cases.  We anticipate that individual projects funded will be of the order of £250,000-£400,000 and approximately 6 to 10 months in duration, although this will be dictated by the needs of each project.

The call for projects was announced on 10 October 2018 with full details on the MRC website.  The deadline for applications is 9:00am on 7 December 2018.

Projects will commence by February 2019 and must complete before the end of 2019.

View competition for Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects

View the Frequently Asked Questions for the Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects

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—–Independent Expert Review Panel

All applications will be assessed by a specially-constituted multidisciplinary panel chaired by Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt.  This panel will meet on 14 December 2018 and its decision will be final and not open to appeal.   The assessment will not include an interview.

View the details of panel members

If you would like to register your interest to receive news and updates about the Digital Innovation Hub programme and events, please email us at and we will add you to our contact list.

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