Over the last six months we have engaged with researchers, clinicians, research charities, patients and the public to define an ambitious schedule of activity for the programme over the next three years.  We have concluded that HDR UK can make a distinctive contribution to Better Care by working in partnership with other organisations to support two initiatives: Catalyst Projects and creation of a Better Care Partnership.

We ran a webinar to provide an overview and Q&A session on these opportunities, which was recorded – you can play it back here:

Better Care opportunities webinar

Catalyst Projects

Commencing on the 1 May 2020, these projects will be jointly supported by the Health Foundation and HDR UK, led by the latter. The objectives of the Catalyst Projects are to deliver rapid learnings about the Better Care Loop. They are part of a wider piece of work within the Better Care programme, which aims to fill key gaps in knowledge-sharing and training; demonstrate the potential benefit to patients; and define the key research questions that need to be answered in order for data-driven quality improvement to be implemented at scale.

Catalyst Projects Guidance

Budget Template

Better Care Partnership

The Better Care Partnership is an opportunity for organisations, to work together to develop and scale Better Care loops, answering key research questions and generating learnings that can be generalised across healthcare systems in the UK. The organisations in the Partnership will form a HDR UK Substantive Site, and therefore join a network of existing partnerships comprising the six existing Sites in HDR UK. Together these will form a national network of digitally-mature learning health systems. The Partnership will commence in parallel with the Catalyst activities. It will be expected to use the learnings that will emerge from the Catalyst Projects and from other sources and adapt its approach accordingly, with a focus on developing scalable solutions that can be transferred across healthcare settings and healthcare decisions. This opportunity also commences on the 1 May 2020 and will be funded for an intial period of three years.

Better Care Partnership Guidance with Annex A

Better Care Partnership Guidance Annex B

Better Care Partnership Guidance Annex C

Budget Template


How to apply

To apply for either the Catalyst Projects or the Better Care Partnership, please read the guidance documents provided above for full details.

All applications must be made by email to enquiries@hdruk.ac.uk by 4pm 11 March 2020.

For any queries, please contact enquiries@hdruk.ac.uk

Better Care opportunities FAQ