HDR UK Wales and Northern Ireland


  • Prof Ronan Lyons, Professor of Public Health, Swansea University

Associate Directors

  • Professor Mark Lawler, Chair in Translational Cancer Genomics, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Professor David Ford, Professor of Health Informatics, Swansea University


Our partners are research institutions with strong, complementary strengths in public/population health and discovery science/precision medicine.  A multi-disciplinary approach with collaboration at its core.

Research initiatives

Modernising Public Health Advancing health data science methodologies to conduct research at scale, utilising the vast amounts of multimodal data and expertise in Wales and Northern Ireland as a stepping-stone to UK-wide, statistically-powered, definitive studies to further cross-UK collaborations.  Principle Investigator: Ronan Lyons Enabling Precision Medicine Within our substantive site, we will interdigitate our diverse communities to form a linked information network to comprehensively capture, interrogate and accumulate data at scale, employing innovative platforms/algorithms in areas of research strength. Principle Investigator: Mark Lawler

Other sites

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