HDR UK London


  • Prof Harry Hemingway, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University College London

Associate Directors

  • Paul Elliott, Chair in Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine, Imperial
  • Tim Hubbard, Professor of Bioinformatics, King’s College London
  • Sinéad Langan, Wellcome Senior Clinical Fellow and Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Carol Dezateux, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Health Data Science, Queen Mary University of London


For the first time in a major national biomedical research initiative we have brought together, with strong governance, all five of London’s major universities in biomedicine and health:

Research initiatives

The London proposal seeks to address each of the national research priorities, proposing four interconnected research initiatives:
  • Actionable analytics: Unlocking the longitudinal clinical phenome Principal Investigator: Richard Dobson
  • Precision medicine: Connecting omic data to the clinical phenome Principal Investigator: David van Heel
  • Clinical trials: Unlocking the potential of the clinical phenome Principal Investigator: Mahesh Parmar
  • Public health: Connecting the exposome to the clinical phenome Principal Investigator: Ruth Gilbert

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