A consortium of population health researchers, led by researchers at University of Bristol and Edinburgh, have developed several COVID-19 questionnaires. They are designed to help researchers explore changes using the same validated questions to the lives of cohort participants in the UK and elsewhere. 

The questionnaires are freely available to population health researchers to address health, behaviour, social, environmental and economic questions in the context of the pandemic. 

The first questionnaire asks about COVID-19 signs and symptoms, and more broadly about the effect of lockdown on physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. The second questionnaire builds on the first and includes neighbourhood issues, domestic violence, alcohol use, healthcare, thoughts on the lockdown and new connections made during the pandemic. The group continues to expand the questionnaire bank as the pandemic unfolds.  

The Wellcome Covid-19 questionnaires draws on evidence for across the UK in our villages, towns and cities and across the life-course. It feeds directly into the Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Studyand will provide an example of cross-study working for the  Population Research UK initiative, which HDR UK is scoping the development of on behalf of ESRC, MRC and Wellcome. 

Using the questionnaire

The questionnaire is freely available and to use it simply get in touch via email: wellcomecovid-19@bristol.ac.ukBoth questionnaires are available as data dictionaries and have also been formatted in RedCap and QualtricsPlease outline know how, where and when you have used the questionnaire and if you need additional information, advice or support.  

 When acknowledging how you gathered data for your research please use the following description: 

Data gathered from questionnaire(s) provided by Wellcome Longitudinal Population Study Covid-19 Steering Group and Secretariat (221574/Z/20/Z)  


Many individuals and longitudinal studies have contributed their time and expertise to the creation and analysis of the questionnaires. These studies and individuals are listed below.  

Secretariat: Professor Nic TimpsonProfessor David Porteous, Lynn Molloy, Robin Flaig 

Steering groupProfessor Naomi AllenDrew Altscul, Jeff Banks, Andy BoydProfessor Lisa CalderwoodProfessor Nish ChaturvediProfessor John ChambersProfessor John DaneshDr Leon DanonProfessor Emanuele Di AngelantonioDr Josie DickersonProfessor Paul ElliotDr Chloe Fawns-Ritchie, Alissa GoodmanBen GordonAnna GuyattPaz GarciaProfessor Rebecca HardyDr Deborah HartSimon Haworth, Charlotte Huggins, Dr Claudia LangenbergProfessor Deborah A LawlorDr Kate NorthstoneProfessor Rosie McEachanSally McManus, Joe McNamara, James Pickett, Professor George PloubidisDavid SeymourClaire StevesDr Ellen Thompson, Professor Martin Tobin, Dr Laura Venn, Professor Helen WardProfessor Jim Wilson and Dr Tiffany Yang 

Funders: Bridget Taylor (ESRC), Bruna Galobardes (Wellcome Trust), Catherine Moody (MRC), Gavin Malloch (MRC), Laura Morrell (ESRC), Mary de Silva (Wellcome Trust), Rhos Walker (HDR UK), Tamysn Derrick (MRC). 

The resource has been made possible by Wellcome Trust support to the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, University of Bristol and Generation Scotland, University of Edinburgh.