Zaenab Ilesanmi is enthusiastic about a career in health data science. She is passionate about understanding health challenges and improving patient- centred care through data. She is an ALX-Udacity scholar of Data analytics using Python and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Analytics.  She is proficient in the use of Python for data cleaning, wrangling and data visualisation where she delivered several projects in Udacity. Through HDR UK, she participated in Health Data Engineering and Health Information Engineering workshops where she worked on health data wrangling using python and executed projects using Agile and Scrum.

She has excellent knowledge of Excel, SQL and Power BI. Her thirst for continuous learning and development earned her a scholarship in Cisco for Cyber Security and she has good knowledge of Privacy and Data confidentiality, Cyber security, Network Vulnerability and Threat detection. Zaenab is excited about her internship with the HDR UK and anticipates an exciting learning journey in improving the health care system.