Working with our Executive Director of Business Operations Tammy is responsible for creating and leading the delivery of HDR UKs people strategy, ensuring that through our compelling employer brand and staff engagement and wellbeing programme we recruit and retain a diverse range of talented people, that we ensure everyone has the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their roles to ensure we  achieve our ambitious organisational strategy, that our values are embedded in everything that we and do and that every member of staff is an HDR UK ambassador.

Working in partnership with the 10,000 Black Interns programme Tammy also leads the Black Internship Programme on behalf of HDR UK and its network of partner organisations.


Tammy joins us after a well-established career at Age UK as Head of People Development & Engagement where she led the organisations people strategy, people development, staff engagement and wellbeing and retail volunteering programmes. 


In her spare time, Tammy is passionate about the environment and sustainability, championing social change and can often be found on the weekends in one of London’s train stations with a small train obsessed boy!