Rowena is a Statistician with experience in the application of mathematics for health and social care research, and a particular interest in novel techniques to analyse and visualise large health and socio-economic datasets to optimise public services. Rowena has worked within the Office for National Statistics, the Farr Institute for Health Informatics Research; the NHS; the Welsh Government Care and Social Services Inspectorate; and Local Authority Homelessness support and prevention outreach teams. Research areas have included impact of housing quality on health outcomes, effects of air quality alert systems on health service utilization and long-term effects of environmental determinants.

At university, Rowena studied mathematics, operational research & applied statistics; for her MSc dissertation she developed a simulation to model cancer treatment pathways and patient outcomes. Rowena is a member of the Association of Professional Health Analysts (APHA), the Operational Research Society and Rowena has also been a STEM Ambassador for a number of years and delivers workshops for young pupils which aim to inspire and engage them with the applications of maths in healthcare.