Rosanna is a patient representative at HDR UK both for the Gut Reaction Health Data Research Hub and the Better Care National Priority. The Gut Reaction hub brings together patient data to facilitate research into Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and she is part of the core team providing insight and input from a patient and public perspective.  As part of the Better Care steering committee, she represents patient and public interests across a range of projects which harness data to meet the ever-growing health needs of our diverse population.

Her academic background is in psychology, and she was also a secondary school teacher and school counsellor for many years. She is currently completing a part-time doctorate at the University of Cambridge. Her research explores the impact on education, employment, and wellbeing of young people with long term physical health conditions.

Rosanna has been involved in PPIE for a few years. Being both a patient representative and a researcher gives her a useful perspective into both worlds. As well as being part of Gut Reaction and Better Care at HDRUK, she is also a PPIE representative for both the NIHR BioResource and the Applied Research Collaboration (East of England).