Jane Armitage is Professor of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology and Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine. In addition, she is Director of Training and Career Development for the Nuffield Department of Population Health.

Jane joined the Clinical Trial Service Unit, now part of NDPH, in 1990 having qualified in clinical medicine in 1979. She worked in a variety of specialties over several years with particular experience in respiratory medicine, geriatrics and diabetes. Since joining CTSU she has co-ordinated and been chief investigator for a series of large-scale randomised clinical trials in cardiovascular disease including the 20,000 participant MRC/BHF Heart Protection Study, the 12,000 patient SEARCH and 25,000 HPS2-THRIVE study, which are trials of lipid modification in people with or at risk of vascular disease. In addition she is Chief Investigator for the BHF-supported ASCEND trial of aspirin and fish oils involving 15,000 people with diabetes. She collaborates with other epidemiologists and statisticians in NDPH on a variety of genetic and other risk factor studies based on the trial cohorts. She also continues a clinical role in the Lipid Clinic at the Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust and has a particular interest in the safety of statins. Jane’s main research interests are in lipids and the epidemiology of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases including osteoporosis.